Massage for Chronic Pain

Massage is often prescribed to help relieve the pain and discomfort experienced as a result of illness or surgery. Studies have found that massage is an effective treatment for reducing the intensity of pain, and increasing the ability of the participants to cope with their illness.

Massage Therapy The End stage of many illnesses. Massage helps to improve the quality of life of massage patients. Many patients who undergo massage therapy experience relief of pain and discomfort, and an improvement in their ability to enjoy life.

Why is massage therapy beneficial for your Chronic Pain?

Massage therapy helps to improve the way the body feels, it helps to deal with the stress of life, it helps to support the immune system, it helps to maintain bone and muscle tone that keeps us young, and it helps to provide support for the central nervous system. Most importantly, massage therapy helps us to heal.

How can massage therapy be effective in helping Chronic Pain patients?

Having chronic pain is never easy to live with, and it can have a major impact on your life. The good news is that massage therapy has been effective in providing relief to patients of chronic pain. The procedure involves massage techniques that are designed to ease the discomfort and pain caused by muscular and skeletal problems. It also involves the art of delivering therapeutic medicines and body-healing substances.

How is massage therapy used to treat Chronic Pain?

For many chronic pain sufferers, massage therapy is the best alternative therapy available to help them alleviate the discomfort caused by their illnesses. Our massage therapists use techniques designed to work the muscles as well as help to relax the patient. Then applying body-healing substances called Essentials, they gradually reduce the discomfort from the pain. In this way, the body improves its own functioning allowing the person to feel general improvement.

Essential herbs can be separately purchased and prescribed by the physician. They can also be available in prescribed amounts that can be taken by the patient over a period of time. Continually massage the affected areas, targeting unrelated nerves and improving circulation. In this way, nerves in the tissue are brought into good repair and the pain is relieved.

How can massage therapy be used as part of a Chronic Pain treatment?

Massage therapy has traditionally been used as part of traditional Chinese medicine. In this method, skilled massage therapists use techniques to focus on specific tension points in order to support muscular and skeletal functions. By focusing on specific points, the body is stimulated and work of the central nervous system is enhanced. Stress is eliminated and nervous energy is increased, which has positive effects on pain, sleep, and circulation

What are some of the conditions that can be treated with massage therapy?

Massage therapy has traditionally been used to relieve pain. stimulated pain, especially in areas that are often stressed as part of conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. It’s also used to ease pain of the throat, back, shoulders, and hands. Other conditions that can be treated with massage therapy include:

Cervical dystonia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Manner’s syndrome, Pruritus external factors, Sleep disorders, and many more.

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